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Internet Explorer is the Web browser with more history of the market. More than 15 years endorse the reputation of this software, which improves every day to offer a smooth, secure and reliable navigation for all users. This is one of the most used in the world programs.


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Internet Explorer has become one of the most used Internet browsers over the years. This is due to the fact that users rely on this software for their reliability and ease of use. In their latest versions the security has improved incredibly.

Internet Explorer is the Web browser from Microsoft, a great company behind a great application with which you can access the entire contents of the network as quickly as possible and above all, safely.


Internet Explorer is the Microsoft Internet browser, with a Internet Explorer can make your browsing experience into something completely different with new improvements and features that have been implemented in the latest version.

New security algorithm implemented in Internet Explorer makes sure your data are permanently protected thanks to high security connections encrypting client/server, which makes this software more secure.

Internet Explorer improves the browsing experience of users thanks to its system of navigation tabs. You can also configure the address bar to be used as a search engine built into the browser.